The TRIPLE MAGNUM 3 LIGHT STROBE Driver is a 12 volt DC operated system. It fires 3 strobe heads in a double wink pattern. The two wing tip lights alternate between left and right while the tail, or third light is synchronized to flash every time one of the wing tips are flashing. Resulting in about 140 flashes per minute.

The driver box measures 4 ½” X 7″ X 1 ½” and weighs 17.2 ounces. The current draw with 3 standard heads is about 3 amps. If using two COMBO heads and one standard head it is about 3 ¾ Amps . This makes it the most power conservative triple strobe system on the market.

Our STREAMLINE COMBO head is fitted with LED position lights. RED for left wing, GREEN for right wing, and each have a WHITE in the backside of the head for rear. These heads are machined form solid aluminum and anodize plated. Measuring 3 ¼” X 1″ and weighing 2.8 ounces. They surface mount the same as the Standard Streamline head and here is a great feature, the 12 volt LEDs draw only 1/3 Amp of power per head.

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