Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I’m building a home built aircraft and want to know what lights I need?
A:  Legally you do not need any lights to fly from sunrise to sunset, however, if you want to fly during the period known as “Civil Twilight” (1/2 hour before sunrise & ½ hour after sunset), you will need the following.

(a)  For an ultralight operating under FAR 103; an anti collision strobe light that is visible for 3 stature miles.

(b)  For an “N numbered aircraft”, covered under FAR 91.209; lighted position lights and an anti collision light system that meet other FAA regulations.

Q:  I currently have a Kuntzleman Dual Magnum strobe system on my plane can I upgrade to the COMBO heads?
A:  Yes, the strobe driver will fire any of our Magnum strobe heads.  The LED position lights part of the Combo heads uses 12 volts of DC power and is not connected to the strobe driver box.

Q:  Do your lights meet the FAA requirements?
A:  Yes, the Magnum & Combo systems meet the requirements in FAR 23.1391, 1393, 1395, 1397, and 1401.  The SC103 meet FAR103.

Q:  What electrical power source do I need for your lights?
A:  All of our systems can be powered by 12/14 volts DC.  The SMART STROBE drivers can also be powered by an AC/DC of 12 to 100 volts.

Q:   I am shopping for an LED landing light and see that some manufactures rate theirs in “LUMENS”, what are lumens?
A:  Lumens or lumens per watt is a rating of an LED given by the led manufacture.  It is usually determined at the maximum voltage & current allowable under perfect conditions for the led being tested.  When connecting multiple LEDs into an array, such as in a light fixture, it is not accurate to use the sum of the rating for each LED as a brightness figure.    Light angle, style of lens, voltage drop and current across each LED will determine the effective brightness and should be measured in “LUX” or FC (foot candles).  It should be measured at a given distance with a light meter.  I like to use this scenario; Horsepower (Lumens) related to SPEED (Lux or FC) is like a race car and a farm tractor having the same horsepower, but the speed will be quite different. So, when shopping for a landing light, GO FOR SPEED (Lux /FC) readings for comparing.


Kuntzleman Electronics is now offering a revised TRIKE wing tip mounting kit for our streamline COMBO strobe and LED position light heads.  Due to the many different configurations of TRIKE wing tips it became necessary for us to make an adapter kit that would work on them.  To meet FAR 23.1391, 1393 and 1395 proper position light angle must be followed.  Because of the swept back angle of the spar on a trike wing, the mounting angle of the head is important. This new kit (KE part # TRK-MT) will supply the additional parts necessary to go with the Double Dual Magnum Combo strobe system KE part # DDM-SLC).  The kit includes special adapter plates hardware and instructions for mounting to NORTH WING and AIRCREATION wings.