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  Things to consider about a strobe or system!   

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    • All of our Systems are designed with a specific use in mind, to be used on Experimental, LSA and Ultralight aircraft. Over the years we have listened to our customerís suggestions and tried to give them what they needed.


  •     DESIGN


    • Our designs take into consideration 5 important things. They are BRIGHTNESS, FLASH RATE, WEIGHT, POWER CONSUMPTION and LONGEVITY of the system. All of these things are of equal importance.  All Magnum systems meet the FAA requirements for the experimental and light sport aircraft category of FAA.

    • Our single and dual drivers are the lightest (10 oz) and most power conserving (less than 2 Amps) of anything in their class on the market.




    • The reliability of product is proven by the fact that after 25 years in business with over 21,000 systems in service all over the world, we can still offer a 24 hour turn around time on service and repair.

So, when shopping for a strobe system, look at all of the features it has to offer.


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